A new mini-CD by The Pearsons.

compelling mini song collection by The Pearsons.

Available now at iTunes and CD Baby

A compelling and inspirational new music video – I Am With You from our new album CompletelyNew music video “Rockin’ Their Babies” honors mothers throughout the ages!   Check out our video page.

New Mini-CD of six songs available at CD Baby http://www.cdbaby.com/Search/dGhlIHBlYXJzb25zIHRoZXJlIHNoZSBnb2Vz/0

new mini-CD

or download at i-Tunes http://itunes.apple.com/artist/the-pearsons/id126369410

Larry and Marie Pearson are a brother-sister duo with a style all their own. They’re known for their diverse songwriting, memorable melodies, and lyrics that offer a candid view into the soul. You’ll be mesmerized with their trademark harmonies and Marie’s rich, resonant voice. They have released five albums.

Music Available

The Pearsons’ music is available for purchase at CD Baby, Positive Music DownloadsLDSAudio.com and iTunes.

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New Video

Watch our latest video that celebrates the gift of life.