About Us

Larry and Marie Pearson are a brother-sister duo with a style all their own. They’re known for their diverse songwriting, memorable melodies, and lyrics that offer a candid view into the soul. You’ll be mesmerized with their trademark harmonies and Marie’s rich, resonant voice. They have released five albums. Check out their newest release in 2012 of “There She Goes”!

 In their live shows you’ll find them on the keyboards, guitar, and mandolin. The Pearsons have written and recorded on many CDs and their work can also be found on projects
by Target, PBS, Irving Music (former publishing arm of A&M), EFY, Shadow Mountain, Deseret Book, and Frog and Scorpion Records. Marie is a 2 time breast cancer survivor and their song “The Gift” has been performed at Susan Koman Race For the Cure/San Diego and multiple American Cancer society fundraisers throughout Southern California. You may hear Marie’s familiar voice on many national voice overs.
Others share the enthusiasm for The Pearsons including former A&M Records
president Gil Friesen who said “Marie Pearson has a wonderful, natural
voice. Her sound reminds me of Karen Carpenter.”

Larry reflected on the years he and his sister have been performing
together and said, “I think we’ve been really blessed to be able to let
other people hear our music. We get letters, phone calls, or people
coming up to us after a concert, telling us how our song expressed the
way they feel. That makes it worth it.”
Marie has said “I think the diversity of the songwriting is what connects
with people, there are so amazing stories all around us and we just try
to tell some of them in our songwriting. I think one of the
reasons we have a broad base of listeners is that not only do we love to do
beautiful ballads but we also really love exploring a lot of upbeat
tempos and use different instruments.” 


Til It Storms”

The Pearsons CD “‘Til It Storms”, contains the upbeat energy of modern pop, alternative country, as well as the warmth and inspirational feel of traditional Christian music. Experience the kind of music that bridges the generations in its listeners. The title song, “Til It Storms” explores the idea that nothing lives, nothing grows, ‘til it storms. “Startin’ To Show” has a definite contemporary edge while it tells the story of a young girl’s decision to place her baby for adoption. “Man For All Seasons” features Larry at his best telling the story of a husband and wife’s love that never ends. This CD also features Larry’s beautiful and diverse arrangement of the traditional hymn, “O My Father”. “Rockin’ Their Babies” is a bending and turning guitar/vocal blues song you’ll want to hear again and again, and “Better Than I Thought” is just pure upbeat fun.