“It is Glorious” single

Hilary Weeks beautiful version of our song  “One By One” is available at the youth music website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints!

Sometimes the hardest questions have the simplest answer, like God Loves You

Sometimes the hardest questions have the simplest answer, like God Loves You

A new mini-CD by The Pearsons.

Deseret Book

The Gift

“The Gift” is a unique two song project. The title track “The Gift is a moving true story about the amazing gift it is to be able to live every day. “He Gave Up His Life for Me” is a Contemporary Christian song of hope and faith.


‘Til It Storms

The Pearsons newest CD “‘Til It Storms”, contains the upbeat energy of modern pop, alternative country, as well as the warmth and inspirational feel of traditional Christian music. Experience the kind of music that bridges the generations in its listeners. The title song, “‘Til It Storms” explores the idea that nothing lives, nothing grows, ’til it storms. “Startin’ To Show” has a definite contemporary edge while it tells the story of a young girl’s decision to place her baby for adoption. “A Man For All Seasons” features Larry at his best telling the story of a husband and wife’s love that never ends. This CD also features Larry’s beautiful and diverse arrangement of the traditional hymn, “O My Father”. “Rockin’ Their Babies” is a bending and turning guitar/vocal blues song you’ll want to hear again and again, and “Better Than I Thought” is just pure upbeat fun.

Tracks on this CD:

  1. As Love Sees
  2. Startin’ To Show
  3. Rebecca’s Song
  4. Beyond Any Words
  5. Rockin’ Their Babies
  6. A Man For All Seasons
  7. Bettter Than I Thought
  8. My Miracle In You
  9. Man of Love
  10. ‘Til It Storms
  11. O My Father

The Healer of Our Hearts

Tracks on this CD:

  1. Indefinitely
  2. The Way He Speaks to Me
  3. The River
  4. My Shelter in Him
  5. On The Way
  6. All I Need
  7. Pilot Me
  8. My Own Voice
  9. The Healer of Our Hearts
  10. For the Sake of Love
  11. Home

One By One

This CD is available only by download from iTunes.

Tracks on this CD:

  1. To Let Your Son Go
  2. Without You, Where Am I?
  3. One By One
  4. Still Love You
  5. There Is A Way
  6. Lead Me On
  7. Need To Know
  8. Never Gone
  9. A Real Love Affair
  10. Gentle
  11. Kyrie Eleison


The Answer is You

Tracks on this CD:

  1. Going Back
  2. Deliver Me
  3. Walk On Through
  4. Never Let Me Go
  5. Only A Feeling
  6. I Knew Love Was Waiting
  7. Need to Believe
  8. Maybe He’ll Come
  9. The Answer Is You
  10. Once There Was One