Welcome to our website

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our web site! We are a brother-sister duo and we’ve just released our fourth CD “‘Til It Storms”. This is a wonderful project and we are SO excited about it! It has everything from contemporary/alternative pop, to blues, to country, to straight ahead inspirational writing. We suppose you could call it a songwriter’s sampler. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

We’ll be singing at the LDS Family Services adoption conference on Friday August 4, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah. More details to follow. We’ll be performing “Startin’ To Show”, an up tempo tune about a teenage girl’s decision to place her baby for adoption.

From time to time we thought we’d like to highlight a different song from this CD (or one of our past CDs) and tell you a little about what caused us to write it. So for now we’ve chosen “Rockin’ Their Babies” which is a song that seems to interest a lot of folks right now. This tune attempts to give honor to all those women (past and present) who have made such a difference history without ever receiving any recognition. A few years ago my daughter came home from second grade excited about her class ancestor project. When she asked me for a name of one of our ancestors I began to think of names of people who had done something fairly important in our family history and had been the most remembered. When I started listing the names of Great Grandpa so and so…. she stopped me and said, “no it has to be a girl, a lady ancestor”. I then felt frustrated because I realized it was hard for me to recall as many of the names of the women because their contributions were so private and in their homes. The chorus echos our feelings that though maybe the world can forget the women’s contribution– Heaven does not. We wanted to keep the track very earthy and
emotional and be true to the blues element inherent in the music. It has an edge¬†to it and features Rich Dixon’s blues guitar.